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What is included in the kit?

Each StickTogether kit comes with a coded poster grid, a color key, colored stickers and instructions / suggestions for making your StickTogether experience a success.

Are extra stickers included?

Yes! There are ~5% extra stickers in case a few get lost.

What size are the stickers? Do you make kits with larger/smaller stickers?

ALL StickTogether mosaic puzzles use ½ inch square stickers.

What size are the images? How many stickers make up the image? Do you make images with fewer stickers?

StickTogether mosaic puzzle kits come in two sizes:

Standard Format 40” x 36” poster / 3,996 stickers 
Large Format 60” x 36” poster / 7040 stickers.

We do not make StickTogether kits any smaller than our Standard Format.

How long does it take to finish a StickTogether™ image?

That depends on the size of the crowd and how long people stay and stick!

Here are some general guidelines:

  • The average ‘stickerer’ applies 10 – 12 stickers per minute.
  • 3 – 5 participants can finish a Standard Fomat ‘StickTogether’ in less than 3 hours of continuous sticking

  • example: At a MakerFaire event, with a large crowd passing through, a Standard Format image was completed in 2.5 hours, and the Large Format in 5 hours.
  • example: At a family gathering of 32 relatives, with 5 children working continuously and adults circling in an out of the activity, a Large Format image was completed in one evening!
  • example: In an office of ~100, with the image placed on the way to the Break Room, a Standard Format image was completed over 3 days.
  • example: In a School Library, a Standard Format image was completed over 2 days.
  • example: In a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, a Standard Format image was completed in 19 days as the patients added stickers each time they passed by during recovery walks around the unit.

What is the optimal group size for a StickTogether activity?

The more the merrier! The best StickTogether experience involves many participants adding a few stickers at a time. The experience is enhanced if the cover image is hidden, and the participants can see the image as it emerges over time.


How does a Custom Image work?

Ordering a Custom StickTogether image is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Email a photograph or artwork, and caption*, to info@letsticktogether.com.
    NOTE: Photographs and artwork must be original / owned by you. We cannot use images that infringe on any intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks.
  2. We will then email you a proof of the image in the recommended poster size for your approval or feedback… we provide two rounds of proofs.
  3. We mail your Custom StickTogether kit to you in a shipping tube.

 *A caption appears at the bottom of the poster below the image.  example "Happy Birthday Tom! April 14, 2017"


How long does it take to receive a Custom Image kit?

Please allow 3 weeks from proof approval to receive your Custom StickTogether kit.

How much does a Custom StickTogether Image cost?

A Regular Format Custom image costs $150, and the Large Format costs $200. Additional copies can be ordered for the regular price listed on our website ($30 additional for each Standard Format and $60 additional for each Large Format). There is no charge for proofs.  Payment is required in full at proof approval and before we go into production.

What makes a good StickTogether image?

Images with bold colors and shapes, and not too much detail, work best. Headshot are great too!

Remember this is a highly pixilated image so small details get reduced to one or two stickers. Lettering and fine lines should be avoided. Close ups work better that panoramas.


Can you make a logo or a mascot into a StickTogether image?

Some logos work, and some do not. Fine lines do not translate well. Bold shapes and colors work well. 


Can you include lettering in the StickTogether image?

For lettering to appear clearly it must be very large and bold. As a point of reference please see the Peace Dove or Let's Celebrate images in our collection.


How does a Sign-In Board work?

Ordering a Custom Sign-in Board is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Email a headshot / school picture / passport photo and the caption for the poster (example "Happy Birthday Tom! April 14, 2017") to info@letsticktogether.com.
  2. We will then email you a proof of the image in the recommended poster size for your approval or feedback… we provide two rounds of proofs.
  3. We ship your foamcore mounted Custom StickTogether board to you.  (Shipping not included in price)

How long does it take to receive a Custom Sign-In Board?

Please allow 4 weeks from proof approval to receive your Custom StickTogether board.

Is a StickTogether™ Sign-in Board right for my event?

If you are looking for a fun, easy way to get all your guests participating in a group activity, StickTogether is a great solution!  And best of all, you will end up with a beautiful keepsake, created by all your friends and family.


What is the size of the Sign-in Boards? What is included in the Kit?

The StickTogether Sign-in Board image is mounted on a foam core board that is 36” x 40” and has a 4” border for signatures and notes. The kit includes the mounted poster grid, a color key, all the stickers you need to complete the image (plus 5% extra stickers), as well as a black Sharpie with velcro. We also include a few instructions and pointers for making your StickTogether activity run smoothly at your event.

What is the process for ordering a Custom StickTogether Sign-in Boards?

Once the image is approved, you pay for it online. Then we mail you the kit. Please beging this process at least 5 weeks before your event.


How many people do I need at the event to complete a StickTogether image?

Groups as small as 50, and as large as 200, usually complete a Sign-in Board StickTogether image in 3 hours -- with guests circling in and out of the activity.  Recently, a Bar Mitzvah group of kids of all ages completed the StickTogether image in 2 hours!


How do I make sure that the image gets completed at the event?

Depending on how many other activities you have planned for your event, we suggest that you start the ‘stickering’ before the event.  Applying at least 400 stickers before the event is recommended.  That way you can have part, or even half of the image already complete, and your guests can help finish it.


Is the StickTogether activity appropriate for an outdoor event?

StickTogether is an easy activity to set up in almost any setting. When setting it up outside, wind can be an issue. Finding a protected area is recommended.


Do I need to have someone supervising this activity?

While it is not necessary, it helps to have someone designated to get the activity started. Once guests starts ‘stickering,’ we find that others naturally gravitate to the activity.